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ViewPosters is proud to present you our free screen saver which will allow you view our posters as a small slide show on your screen. ViewPosters screen saver also lets you view rss feeds. You can optionally pick a directory of your own and view those images as a slide show as well.

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Screen Saver can be configured easily to fit your needs. You can pick a poster category URL to display as screen saver. Or you can enter an RSS feed URL, or a directory containing your own images:
Screen Saver Settings
Below screen shot is the default image with RSS feed:
Screen Saver with RSS Feed
ViewPosters Screen Saver System requirements: Windows PC with .NET Framework

Partner Screen Savers

Egyptian Pyramids 3D Screensaver

Let your screen take you to ancient Egypt, the cradle of civilization. See the greatest and most famous Pyramids along with the magnificent statue of their silent guardian - the Sphinx. What are these? The mysterious tombs of the powerful pharaohs erected by the arduous toil of thousands of slaves or inconceivable structures put there millennia ago by aliens from space, the purpose of which remains hidden from us to this day? Take a closer look. Perhaps you will find some clues in this extremely detailed, awe-inspiring 3D screensaver. $19.95

3D Autumn Woods Screen Saver

Autumn Wood has falling leaves, birds, woodland creatures and butterflies. Deer, bunnies, a squirrel and large and small birds appear at random intervals to delight the viewer. Want a soothing nightime wooded scene? Just set the time of day to nightime and a dark shadowy blue hue is cast on birds, trees, leaves, butterflies and woodland creatures. Prefer a dusky sunset scene? The sunset setting produces a deep reddish hue. Demo contains full set of features. Have fun customizing this screen saver to your preferences. In addition to tint, brightness, time of day settings, sound mute and volume control you can select the color of leaves, speed at which leaves fall, size of falling leaves (large, medium, small and fluctuating) and whether you want the leaves to fade. Screensaver contains animated gif images. Provides password protection when wanted. Also available as a 3D animated eCard. Remove demo using Windows Add/Remove programs.

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