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Delphi for PHP - Delphi for PHP is the Rapid Application Development for PHP IDE that makes Web Development easy for the Delphi developers who are used to Drag and Drop visual development paradigm. Visual Component Library for PHP is loosely modeled after VCL for Win32. VCL for PHP makes AJAX development easy through the use of Qooxdoo JavaScript Library. Database layer uses ADODb PHP library for maximum portability. VCL Components make it easy to develop thin client user interfaces that are almost as functional as rich client UIs using AJAX and the commonly accepted UI paradigms. VCL Components also make it easy to implement Google Maps, Charts, JSON, WebServices and integrate with Zend libraries for various server side tasks.

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Make Java Exe with Jexecutable. Easily create executable exe files for Java applications. (aka j2exe, exe4j, java2exe). Easily create .exe for your Java applications using Jexecutable.

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Kondratieff Wave - Kondratieff Wave - Kondratiev Cycle - Economic cycles, downturn, inflation, deflation, deflationary crash, great depression, web of debt, housing bubble, unemployment, financial crisis, stock market forecast, prediction, trading stocks, forex.

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Download Shareware and Freeware at - A software sales store with links to various titles, in different categories for a variety of platforms. Components, development tools, desktop, multimedia applications, virus scanners, spyware removal and more. Easy to use and intuitive. - Software Downloads - Freeware and Shareware downloads. Thousands of titles from thousands of software vendors. Components, development tools, desktop, multimedia applications, virus scanners, spyware removal, file utilities, screen savers and more.

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Production of commercial kitchen equipment and stainless steel furniture. Food service concept development and kitchen planning consultancy. Manufacturing, planning and Procurement: Convection Ovens, Cooking Equipment, Service and Preperation Equipment, Dishwashing Room and Equipment, Cold Room, Hospital Food Distribution Systems, Sanitary Equipment such as Floor Drains, Hand Wash Sinks, Stainless Steel Doors, Operation Room, Technical Storage Systems, Laminar Flow Units, Scrub Units.

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